Otherwise, Other Lives, Other Lies

Trip The Light Pretentious - Jay Leonard Schwartz

Otherwise, Other Lives, Other Lies

What we’ve known will always be,
even when we choose to forget.
It’s not about the silent distance
or the march of balanced offset.

The hour approaches
… and the dawn grows dark
…. and the eyes remain unspoken.
The “in a minute” lingers
… as the flame runs from the spark,
…. and the woke sip the lethargy of the moment.
The choice to choose has chosen well
– an indecisive plot,
but there for the grace of God time flies …
and sometimes it does not.

Is this the sum of all that’s been?
Is this the road forsaken?
Is this the swan that dives into songs unsung?
If so, we’re correctly mistaken.

And the grunt, in a word, remains the same.
And the question nods no answer.
Is there a point to this mindset frame?
“Of course!”, cries the born-again necromancer.

Thus …
This litmus test of reality begs your indulgence.
Suffer not the seconds with indifference.
Burst your bubble of insentience.
Trip the light pretentious.
Otherwise …
Other lives …
Other lies …

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