Breakfast Rapture à la Mode

Jay Breakfast Religion-70.jpg

Breakfast Rapture à la Mode

All hail the new religion!
Anything goes …
Nobody cares …
What’s on the menu?

Some prefer to wake up and pray;
I prefer to make breakfast everyday.
Eggs over God?
Nay. I offer ‘Grits du Hominy’!
And to all those philosophers who will tell you
that there is no point to existence …
it’s exactly why I choose eggs and bacon with insistence.

Death is not peace;
it’s not even a piece of toast.
Yet, we are all taught
if you go to hell you will roast.
And, what is to be made of heart-aches and earthquakes?
Beyond cappuccino, heaven is pancakes.

Sorry if this sounds confusing,
but it makes perfect sense to me.
For hopelessness is most hysterical
since it makes me quite hungry.

The orders fall
from up on high
in need of appetite relief
for all creatures great and small
– and don’t forget the grated cheese.

So onward to ‘the good place’
where you can always find a seat!
The breakfast table is calling …
it’s time to eat.

Now despite what you think
or the prejudices you’ve been taught,
It’s a big big universe with room enough for … (burp)

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