December’s Therapeutic Apathy

Kalo Mhna! Where’s my panacea?
Another December to dismember,
but never forget to remember …
the days it was glad to see ya.

And now, I am forced to pseudo-intellectual abstraction
while I wish everyone health, happiness, and sincere distraction.
Left, right, neutered, you’re all equally guilty!
If your politics don’t kill ya, enjoy your immobility!

Deck the masks with coughs of melancholy!
Falling to the curb … dada dada!
‘Tis the season for social-distancing follies!
Crawling on the ground … dada dada!

Consumerific exploitation!
Watch the news for your own protection!
Stay tuned for the next insurrection,
sponsored by the usual misconception.

See more variants—of Covid they are!
Thanks to mass transit, they traverse pretty far.
Fear, confusion, populist delusion …
from following mindless pop stars.

So reason’s greetings for your (cough) societal atrophy!
Sorry, folks, I’m practicing therapeutic apathy.
And remember kiddies, be ye naughty or nice:
make the scene, drink your vaccine, and don’t be cold as ice.

Kalo Mhna! = “Good month” in Greek.

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