The Last Grasp for a Gasp

Dada Angstus by Jay Leonard Schwartz - @jschwartz63 - Collage Art

The Last Grasp for a Gasp

Deeply lost in the woods in the unsettling comfort of your grasp.
The misunderstood remain elusive, purposely so …
and, there but before ego, grace falls in serpentine gasps.

The window will turn seasons again in a few moments.
Stay tuned—the show is about to begin!
A cast of characters scatter the dreams, laid out like serpents.

And here where supper is quick, if you have a stomach for it,
the tell-tale tail of a hidden caboose beckons for one last ride.
Alas for it, for fate will not abide;
it’s extemporaneously glad just to be rid of it.

Drowning in perfume to quash the odor of Christ.
What would St. George think?
(Enter the dragon …)

We all look for salvation in denial,
seeking comfort in the barren.
Oh, Lord, see me for what I am.
You tell too much truth and are blinded by it.
The day is raped and the mind is plundered,
and all that we are is treated like dust.
Horrors of war, banalities, and incompetency.
The inept art of being human.
The fall is endless …
And, Jay Leonard Schwartz was here.

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