Dada Independence

Dada Independence - Jay Schwartz

Yet Another Declaration of Dada Independence:

Time is a fungus; it has no soul.
Existence is but a mathematical equation; I’m poor at math.
Experience is soon forgotten.
Practice makes mistakes.
Dadaists embraces perfunctory perfection. 

Hesitation breeds indiscriminate discrimination.
Intolerance is never served as a main-dish.
When in doubt, don’t laugh at your own jokes.

Everyone wants an enterprising economy, even slackers.
The dullard and dunces are first cousins; they should not intermarry.
If they do, their offspring will eat their young, become conservative and then bore you to death.

That being said, there’s a place I know where the distant horizon meets the boundaries of dreams; where melody touches the face of harmony and where time eternal unfurls into space. To visit, I need only an out of body experience brought on by an ascending interval of chromatic frequency. That… and ‘la la la la’ means I love you.

Now I tell you this: on all fronts, there are many losing battles to be fought.
Therefore, chose your battles wisely!

Suffer the premise:
All anarchists are latent nationalists.
All nationalists are racists.
All racists are conservative.
All conservatives are in denial.
Therefore, the United Kingdom has left the European Union.
Happy Independence Day. Full pause.
Oh, the land of the dweeb and the home of the grave.

The moral:
Never hold a referendum to maintain the status quo.
It’s futile to motivate people to do nothing.
Only dogs respond to the command ‘stay’.

PS: Saturn’s rings are full of snowballs. Just ask Jupiter … or watch Dada Venduza. Do so now; your independence may depend on it!

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