The Call Center for Existential Obscenities

Dada Obscenity - Jay Schwartz

You have reached the ‘Call Center for Existential Obscenities’.
Please hold.

When only the obscene can be seen, taboo fears require puritan counter-measures.
Indifference fuels the irrational and the self-absorbed.
The helpless mutates into a victim of necrotic tendencies and can no longer transmute.
– If you would like to ‘call for help’, please stay on the line.

My life has become a train-wreck in slow motion …
Wheels spin, sparks fly and momentum is derailed.
Smoke billows from the heaving carcass of a choking caboose.
End of the line.
– This call may be monitored for quality control purposes.

Excruciating chaos in the veins.
Emotional thrombosis yields a juggernaut of paranormal paranoia.
There is no ‘low’ balcony to jump from.
– All customer service agents are currently engaged.

At the pit of my soul is a vicious circle constantly burrowing itself deeper into the ground.
Were there a ‘China Syndrome’ to affect, at least there would be a way out.
Alas, there is only the hell-fire of a molten existential core.
– Please stay on the line.

In our well-tempered and naive docility, we have allowed great buffered societies of institutions to isolate themselves from us, in order to better serve, protect and enslave us.
Gone is the ‘face to face communication’, but we may leave a message at the tone.
Gone is the accountability and transparency; all lines are busy.
The customer is no longer ‘right’.
The customer is now swatted at like a gnat and suppressed.
– If you like, you may take a number & leave a message at the tone.
– The average waiting time is infinity.

The citizen is an annoying statistic.
His existence is a case of ’eminent domain’.
Both government efficiency and inefficiency thrive on his money, silence and votes.
No return. No deposit.
– Please stay on the line while we connect you to the next available tax agent.

Opportunities with a ‘catch’ spring traps.
Effort no longer equals opportunity.
You must pay to reach a larger audience.
Insufficient funds? Your input is not recognized.
– Our call center for existential obscenities is currently and terminally closed.
– Please call again during our abnormal operating hours.


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