Let Them Eat Cough Cake

At times, it seems as if the whole world has become one giant furry-esque Disneyland. Denial is rampant and “turn the other cheek” often means looking the other way. The Internet is crawling with the failed, offering their poor experience as “life coaches” and hawking clichés they have gotten out of a one-dollar book of quotes. Why? Because the Internet is also filled with desperate dreamers—and all the snake-oil-selling sharks can smell blood in the water.

Today, professionalism, experience, initiative, productivity, and creativity mean very little in a dehumanized business climate that more so values the bottom line, politics, or follow-me aesthetics.

Moreover, effort used to equal opportunity in some places, but more and more a high-energy nutri-breakfast-bar is preferred. Compensation? It’s just about the price of a 3-minute package of ramen noodles. And don’t forget, labels matter more than constitution.

Speaking of constitution, populism is not just a born-again political notion; it’s in the DNA of pop culture and social media; it’s just another groupthink variant in the fabric of our subliminally challenged existence. Surprised? Why? The odds continue to favor the house of cards, don’t they?

Meanwhile, those of you desiring to put your best foot forward should be careful where it is you step. Don’t forget to bring your own pre-approved fork to stab at humanistic virtue and to eat all that stale white cake that is to supposedly trickle down into the human-resource abattoir. 

Finally, when you get to the tea party, please remember that taking your lumps is not optional and that ignoring social distances is the rule. Don’t forget (cough) to collect your letter (cough) of participation at the door. (cough)

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