Radio Silence (Static, Crackle, Pop)

'Dada Ministry Of Social Disorder' - Jay Leonard Schwartz

It’s a shame that all relevance is lost
in the to-each-his-own,
taking for granted the lost-in-translation
and the solipsistic lies we tell ourselves.
And in a world desperate for a unified sense of belonging,
we stand alone and wax indifferent about love.

Beyond there is nothing but isolation.
Above lie layers of deception.
Beside us there is a stranger …
– Who we want to be is meaningless
– Who we are is all that’s relevant
And, as mentioned above, lost on most.

Were I a seed to be planted,
I’d sprout wings.
Not even the dirt of the earth
would hold me.
Now, why do I speak in the hypothetical,
when my feet already mock the ground?
Because my mindset is grounded in the abstract
– and reality has lost all ability to communicate.

Radio silence … (static, crackle, pop)



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