Exercise Your Right To Tune Out

Is there some statement to be made?
A statement on what, exactly?
A social statement?
An artistic statement?
A fashion statement?
Some say that what’s needed is “perspective”.
More perspective … or more perspectives?
Hmm …
Perspectives are like opinions …
and opinions are like assholes;
everyone has got one.
If you don’t like the message,
exercise your right to tune out.

If you look at the surface,
you see the superficial.
The real question is:
how far are you prepared to dig?
And, you should dig …
cause there might be something deeper to make you think,
even when there’s not.
Don’t just react to the shock.
And, for God’s sake,
don’t fight fire with clichés.
Just say no; just say yes;
just say something or nothing.
Exercise your right to tune out.

Might you be a hashtag?
If so, then #KneeJerkThis.
Might you want to fight?
Be ye the “take no prisoners” type?
Will you twist, shout and pout,
or just be too lazy to come out?
Think twice, then …
exercise your right to tune out.

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