Dada Venduza


Dada Venduza: The film“Art needs an operation” 
– Tristan Tzara

And so, as a concerned Dadaist, I decided to make a film. It was a natural decision to make considering that I have this blog that no one reads (present company excluded). The film will be titled ‘Dada Venduza’. Dada, of course, is short for Dadaism and ‘Venduza’ is the Greek word for both plunger and suction cup. Together, the words suggest something that ‘sticks’ and ‘sucks’.

Explaining the title is easy; explaining the film is less so. And, like dada, what results is both art and anti-art. Moreover, it’s hard to know where to begin describing something, especially a piece of art … or a piece of raw meat … once it is constructed, deconstructed and then nailed back together again. So has gone the making of the film – still in production and evolution.  As of this writing, live-action photography is almost complete and editing has already begun.

In a nutshell, the film’s ‘official description’ goes like this:

‘Dada Venduza’ is a pseudo-retro-intensive post-modern regurgitation of life, society and dadaism. Just as dADA is everything and nothing, so too is this combined art and anti-art film which aims to redefine creative excess, lampoon convention and vehemently satirize the current zeitgeist. The comedy is a nihilistic exploration of existentialism and the meaning of life. It represents a tribute to the dadaists of the past and serves as a ‘call to action’ for all modern ‘would be’ dadaists to fearlessly create excessively!

But yes, I’m sure you want further details …

Annihilating the line between dystopia and utopia, the film is composed of a series of ‘psychosociopolitical’ vignettes involving characters and themes that butcher popular culture. It has the feel of ‘a silent film with words’ and one that cleaves and dices the establishment and anti-establishment with its verbose commentary on modern times.

USNSA - Dada VenduzaThe basic plot: during an epic struggle between good and evil, one character, ‘gets’ religion. Reality breaks but surrealism is not allowed purchase. Instead, absurdity and satire is given reign- and they rule with a plunger. Dadaism is heralded as the opiate of the masses and nothing is left sacred, not even the sacrilegious! Spirituality, art, archetypes, chaos, psychology, neo-fascism, totalitarian government, hedonism, class struggle, love, sex, food and even the film industry are chewed up, half-swallowed and then vomited up to serve as food for thought to ‘occupy’ your mind.

‘Dada Venduza’ is my visual dada manifesto. Based on real life, it is is a pseudo-Orwellian avante-garde comedy of the absurd … but it has depth, if you choose to ‘take the plunger’ and dive in to seek it. If not, then take heart in knowing that it’s silly as all shit, as well. So say we all.

Guernica - Pablo PicassoStill, it’s never easy trying to answer the ‘what’s it about?’ question, when asked.  My answer has been “do you need to know what it’s about to enjoy it?” I then ask if one needs to know, in the biblical sense, Pablo Picasso and his style, to marvel at his masterpiece ‘Guernica’ which in fact depicts a massacre, the bombing of Guernica, a Basque Country village in northern Spain, by German and Italian warplanes in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Taken at face value, the mural is an exquisite example of the Cubism art style of which Picasso himself helped to found … it’s easy to miss the theme of the tragedies of war and the suffering if you are blinded by the wonder of its creator’s technique and vision.

Similarly, do you need to know the plot to enjoy a Charlie Chaplin film? Was plot ever essential to enjoying a ‘Three Stooges’ film … or even John Waters or Terry Gilliam’s  film? Moreover, in regards to Terry Gilliam, was a ‘TV Guide’ plot capsule ever ‘required reading’  before watching an episode of Monty Python?

Dada Saves - Dada VenduzaGranted, I’m not Picasso, Terry Gilliam, John Waters. I’m not even Curly, Larry or even Moe. I’m just a concerned dadaist desiring only to entertain you by expressing myself, insulting your senses and then making you smile. I promise you it won’t hurt.

Watch the ‘Sneak Preview Trailer:


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