Field-Notes On Nothing To Speak Of

Juan_Gris_-_Portrait_of_Pablo_Picasso_-_Google_Art_ProjectPity would be no more
If we did not make somebody Poor
And Mercy no more could be
If all were as happy as we.
– William Blake (The Human Abstract)


Tongue-tied and cross-fingered pretty much describes how I feel sometimes, especially when the obvious, is obviously not so obvious to the oblivious. There are some things that should just ‘go without saying’. Yet, when compelled to wag my tongue or bang out a few words on what might best described as a ‘duh’ no-brainer to me, I’m stumped and incredulously stupefied into a state of verbal impotence.

Since it’s always good advice not to ‘push too hard’ and risk a brain aneurysm, I’ve decided to share with you some simple observations I’ve made regarding the past week’s daily dander in my life. I’ll call them ‘interpersonal field notes on intrapersonal relations’. Make of them what you will and feel free to connect the dots. Associate freely at your own risk. At least they are better than droning on about ‘nothing to speak of’.

William Blake - Songs of Innocence and of Experience - The Human AbstractNote #1 – On so-called friendship:

Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention you are not really my friends. As such, I have downgraded your status to acquaintances. Feel free to govern yourselves accordingly. Since you resist all attempts to be included and obviously balk at the thought of including me in your company, you leave me with no choice.


Note #2 – On where the love is:

Dear ‘Real’ Friends,

I realize it is not easy following a fool over a cliff. Thank you for being there with me.


Note #3 – On bloodlines:

The self-absorbed come in two classes. The first being manipulators and the second being passive aggressive types. It’s unfortunate when you are born into the company of both. Yes, it’s true; you can choose your friends, not your family.


Note #4 – On racists in the mist:

The last thing the world needs is a bunch of overweight Caucasians sitting abound in their underwear pontificating online about how the rest of the world should act. Statements about racism beginning with “I’m so sick of …” should be excised from our collective unconscious. The same applies to sexism and other assorted ‘isms’.


Note #5 – On stupidity:

Lessons learned in life are easy to come by. All you really have to do is try counting on people you should know better not to. (See note #3 above)


Amusement Park by Glen JosselsohnNote #6 – On evolution:

It’s not about growing up and changing. This is about who you are. It’s all too easy for people to say that ‘old people’, for example, are grumpy and cranky. This is obviously an exaggerated stereotype. It is most certainly true that old cranky farts were once young cranky farts. And, guess what? People who are lying self-absorbed instigators as children end up being the same later on in life. (See note #3 above)


Note #7 – On pigments of one’s imagination:

It’s easy to say you’re not a racist when you live in a mono-cultural society. It’s even easier to say “not everything is about race” if you have no color. If you don’t like someone ‘playing the race card’, find another game.


Note #8 – On social-political disorder:

People come first. Politicians come somewhere much lower down on the food-chain.


Note #9 – On the political spectrum:

Depending where you are on the political scale, you either have no clue or are obviously misinformed. Perhaps you’ve been told where to stand or are just a victim of your own nativity. Yes, it’s all too easy to buy into any particular brand of political rhetoric aimed primarily at deluding you into party affiliation.

By the same token, if you don’t like politicians, stop voting them into office. If you didn’t vote for those that were elected, reflect on why you are clearly in the minority.


Robert Delaunay - Self-portrait - MNAM Pompidou ParisNote #10 – On self-nullification:

Stop trying so hard to fit in or identify with others, who would obviously beat the crap out of you before you can say ‘hey’. Moreover, if you constantly measure yourself according to what other people think or say, you don’t just have a problem, you are a problem. As long as you don’t accept yourself as you are, you will be in need of help.


Note #11 – On self-fulfillment:

It’s not about what you are that counts. It’s about the courage to just be you.


Note #12 – On time management:

Sorry, I haven’t got time to have an economy of words. Waffling requires patience and effort, especially if I am to speak my mind. Unlike breakfast cereal boxes, creativity does not come to a point.


Suggested Viewing

(A video about personal growth and change that touched me. Why? See note #11 above … and because I used to be religious, but now I’m just happy. )

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