The following is a regularly updated list of posts featuring dialogues on various subjects. The subject matter is rather eclectic, though usually centered on the topics and social themes we are generally told NOT to discuss in public, such as politics, religion and all matters of the subconscious (those voices in our heads … or at least mine). Some dialogues appear in standard play form, while others suggest mental conversations conveying internal conflict.

As a free-lance writer of authentic sounding listening comprehension material for language learners, I enjoy writing dialogues that sound real, not wooden, and that give voice to the idiosyncrasies of all that make us human. Here at the Wooly Yarn, I go a few steps further by experimenting with banter, breeding the surreal with the mundane, the righteous with the heathen, and the zealot with the apathetic.

Truthfully, I’ve never fancied myself much of story-teller; developing plot is not specifically my cup of tea. Perhaps it’s because by nature I’m much more of an improviser than organizer that writing dialogues comes easier to me. Maybe it’s also because despite the fact that I can talk your ear off, I’m also a good listener. I love reading autobiographies more than fiction, and I delight in writers, like Henry Miller, who effortlessly convey their content in seemingly spoken streams of consciousness.

Hope you enjoy these posts: the common and uncommon, the sacred and profane, the sharp and the obtuse, the indignant and the witty, the reverent and irreverent.

PS. Yes, please feel free to contact me for dialogue work or for licensing this content for theatrical purposes – hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean? Of course, you do!

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