Musically Yours

Abstract Art by Naomi JohnsonMusically Yours

There are times when there is vision in the music

… but not when the music itself presents a vision

… or is even visionary itself.

Oh say can’t you see that some chords unravel and some scales are unbalanced?

Have you ever met an arpeggio that unfolded into a non-linear arrangement of an unsequenced rhythm?

I have … and was seduced by it … willingly.

A diminished conductor of the ether I have been,

but never a tone-deaf trumpet playing sycophant.

I am what I am and can’t help but see disembodied melodies

flying across and from the universe’s bow.


And from the pitter-patter patchwork of a syncopating metronome I once learned the following:

When we can read between the lines and see the lyrics unsung,

sense the notes unplayed sustaining in the air

and dance on the harmony of cacophony without losing an offbeat …

Well then … that is something, isn’t it?


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